About me

            Hi! I am Kishorereddy, a third-year undergraduate at IIT Bhubaneswar, pursuing Computer Science and Engineering. My friends and family call me just Kishore. I am known for my use of the Internet as the go-to place to learn anything. To me, the Internet is the history of all the knowledge humans have ever had ( with some exceptions, of course ).

            Apart from academia, I spend my time learning things from the Internet, try and building something from what I learned. Or just browsing for the latest updates in technology, Space Exploration, Electric Vehicles, and International Affairs. And watching a movie or TV Series sometimes.

Technical Skills

            I am a Backend-Developer versed in NodeJs + express and NestJs. However, I am also acquainted with the basics of Front End Development with beginner level knowledge in React. I have also spent some time in my first year on Machine Learning in Python, thus gaining a good knowledge of the working and implementation of different ML techniques. I've even participated in a Data Science competition in 8th Inter IIT Techmeet held at IIT Roorkee in December 2019, reaching the final level!

            If you'd like to know more about my current skill set, please contact me through email. I'll be more than happy to share my resume!


            Every time I learn a new skill, I experiment with it and build something out of it. It helps me in better grasping. Please head over to my Timeline to know about my work.